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forest by fritsch forest :iconfritsch:fritsch 331 512
Blade and Pills
Blade and Pills
Was it ever worth the monotony you drew
Everything that meant nothing to you
Was it the heart's sounds, the pulsing beats
Or the flicker on the sacrificial screens
Was it the pain you knew was a contradiction
Or a new found self-mutilating addiction
Was it the brief seconds of pain that were founded
Or the quickening heart beats that pounded
Was it the smooth skin that was now dark red
Or the pain that almost left you dead
Was it the mutilating rape of your left shoulder
Or was it the blood loss that left you colder
Was it your turn to sew the final psychotic stitch
Or the tears that had drifted to your lips
Was it everything in a final plea, left you scarred
Or knowing the cuts had finally gone too far
Was it the stumble-drop down the lonely hall
Rubber-like legs give out and then you fall
Was it the recomended dosage you scoffed
Or the twenty-four hours that left you lost
Was it only the small things unsaid after the "hi"
Or the things you wanted to hear befor
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 1 8
FWPS 68 Collab - Discarded Toy by sihnstarr FWPS 68 Collab - Discarded Toy :iconsihnstarr:sihnstarr 28 32 Entraced Phantasm by KassandraLeigh Entraced Phantasm :iconkassandraleigh:KassandraLeigh 161 132
Diary of a teenage undead
Wednesday, February 10th, 2001
History ; 11:07am
It's getting to me now... I sit in class and wonder how I'd ever been able to concentrate in
previous years. Now when I look about the room, all I see is blood. Fresh...young...The wrists
and necks of classmates that I've never even had the urge to look at now offer the prospect
of a kind of...peace. A pleasure that can be found only in pain. Quarterback and Tight-end
compare their bulging biceps, their veins presented and pulsating, taunting me.
"Shit!" a blonde girl shrieks. Her voice normally grates on my nerves like nails on
a chalkboard, but I am numb, weak. I haven't the energy to care anymore. That is, until I
realize what provoked her outburst.
A papercut. Unbelievable!
She goes down to the office to get a bandaid. What a bloody waste. (No pun intended.) I ask to go to the washroom and as I'm leaving I hear someone snicker,
"Some people just can't handle the sight of blood." and she's absolutely right. I take a drink of water, bu
:icondarkcrumpet:darkcrumpet 1 2
The Burial Lament by kReEsTaL The Burial Lament :iconkreestal:kReEsTaL 65 122
Picking Up The Pieces
Here's to shattered dreams on fallen nights
Corrupted stars shooting out of sight
Here's to wishes never wished and whispers never said
Stuck in the circular motion of my head
Here's to pain turned pleasure, except for emotions
Foundation of life founded on these sinister notions
Here's to late nights with razors close at hand
And crippled legs barely able to stand
Here's to half opened shutting doors
And declaring the title "razor whore"
Here's to fabricated smiles with happiness in pills
Where six made me stumble but still did not kill
Here's to bleeding scarlet and tasting red
In a place I had once peacefully slept
Here's to games played on my emotions already down
When I finally had enough of fucking around
Here's to immortal wounds living in my chest
Making me want to fall into eternal rest
Here's to walls greater than ones built before
Making it harder for people to ignore
Here's to days I'm ready to give up, but never do
While this world still has no fucking clue
Here's to times
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 1 8
The First Time
The true colors come back
Memories I tried to suppress
The filth that was my life
The first time I felt so depressed
In the dark room
Curtains were drawn to a close
Track seven on repeat all night
Outside was cold, it froze
I still believed
But this was my road to denying
As everything crumbled around me
And my friends were dying
The one with the disease
It was the last straw
I could no longer believe
In a fucking god
And the sweet hair pulling misery
As he picked me up
I told my mother, so caring
And she didn't give a fuck
That's where my hate was spawned
That's where suicide was found
With contemplations of my life
In that depressed city-town
And that's where I became lost
On the edge of the leaping cliff
When I looked into eyes of no caring
And realized this world wouldn't be missed
The life of mine, so worthless
Everything soon clouded over
An inch away from jumping
And I was still getting closer
Razor blades and bathtubs
On those nights I screamed and cried
And nobody was listenin
:iconsadisticfreek:sadisticfreek 3 3
Queen of Black Hearts by furiouskitten Queen of Black Hearts :iconfuriouskitten:furiouskitten 1,148 320 Wake Me Up Inside by mskate Wake Me Up Inside :iconmskate:mskate 49 44 everyones doll by itsnotfunny everyones doll :iconitsnotfunny:itsnotfunny 7 8



Artist | Design & Interfaces
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite photographer: Lithium Picnic
Favourite cartoon character: Foamy; & Invader Zim
Hello everyone, It's been forever since I've been on DA sadly, and while I will still be using this account on occasion, I've created a new account for Ridi Kitty design.

If your interested in following my clothing designs and cosplay photos please check out my new DA account :iconridikittydesign:

Thank you for your support through the years, and hope you will continue to support my new account!

- Aridia


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Hey. this person wrote something about you in their blog.. CLICK HERE
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